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Diesel Fuel Systems

Diesel Fuel Systems, Inc.

Old Fashioned Diesel Fuel Pump & Injector Shop

At Diesel Fuel Systems, Inc. we are an old-fashioned diesel fuel pump and injector shop with drive-in service capabilities and a multitude of diesel related parts including turbo chargers, common rail injectors, fuel pumps, and more. Are you looking for more performance? Our in-house performance specialist can help you achieve the results you are looking for!


  • Diesel Fuel Pumps
  • Turbos /New & Rebuilt
  • Injectors /Common Rail Injectors
  • High Performance Parts
  • Filters / Fuel & Oil
  • Lubricants


  • Fuel Pump Service
  • Turbo Service
  • Injector Service
  • Drive-In Service / Light & Heavy Duty

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CEN-PE-CO Lubricants
CEN-PE-CO Lubricants
CEN-PE-CO offers a wide range of paraffin-based specialty oils that can greatly improve the performance and durability of your engines and equipment. We carry the full line, stop in to pick up yours today!

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